Getting the Kylie Look

A spotlight on Kylie Jenner’s glow up as the billionaire turns 24

Kylie Jenner Dermal Fillers

The name ‘Kylie Jenner’ has become synonymous with the world of aesthetic treatments over the past few years, arguably more so than her famous sisters. She’s had quite the ‘glow up’ since finding fame on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and as the makeup mogul turns 24 today, we’re celebrating by getting a leading aesthetic practitioner to deconstruct Kylie’s ever-changing face. 

With more than 20 years in the aesthetics business, nurse prescriber Lou Sommereux, clinical director at Cosmex, a leading aesthetic and skin rejuvenation clinic based in Cambridge, certainly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to aesthetics and holistic skin treatments. By comparing before and after images over the past 10 years, Nurse Lou can exclusively reveal her thoughts on Kylie’s aesthetic treatments. 

As Lou says, “When you compare Kylie Jenner’s face from 10 years ago to today, there are very notable differences that go beyond ‘natural maturing’.”

Lou Sommereux Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber
Lou Sommereux Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber

The famous pout

As with her sister Kim and her derrière, Kylie’s lips have become almost as famous as her. She has spoken in the past on feeling self-conscious about her lips, something she capitalised on when she launched her ‘lip kits’.

After speculation about Kylie’s ‘overnight lips’, she finally opened up about her ‘perfect pout’ in 2015, admitting it’s actually down to lip fillers. Surprise, surprise!

As Nurse Lou says, “Used correctly, lip fillers really can alter your appearance and provide a volume boost. Dermal fillers can add definition to the lips, which in turn can balance out the face and alter your dimensions, so it’s really important to seek out an expert for treatment.” 

She adds that if you’re looking at getting lip fillers, you should opt for a natural look to complement and enhance your features. “The ‘trout pout’ was never a good look,” says Nurse Lou, “Kylie herself admits to having gone too far and has dissolved some of the filler from her lips with hyaluronidase treatments. We’re seeing more and more women asking for the same after undergoing treatments previously that have not provided the best results. Natural volume is the key.”.

Muscle relaxing injections

Muscle relaxing injections – also known as botulinum toxin or toxin – are one of the most famous cosmetic treatments out there. Nurse Lou believes Kylie may have had some anti-wrinkle injections around her forehead to lift her brows and around her eyes to relax the muscles.
“There is a reason why these treatments are so popular,” explains Nurse Lou, adding, “It’s non-invasive and the results can be very good. By relaxing the muscles in the upper face, it can visibly reduce the signs of ageing and prevent fine lines and wrinkles from forming as a preventative treatment. It also has the power to ‘lift’ certain parts of the face without going under the knife, which is why some people may opt to receive this treatment when they might not have obvious signs of wrinkles yet.”
It’s very important that you have an initial assessment and consultation with your prescribing medical practitioner before having any treatment. “This is your chance to ask any questions that you may have so your practitioner can assess your needs to ensure you are getting a treatment that suits your individual concerns,” Nurse Lou explains. 

Facial fillers

 If you compare Kylie now to when she was a teenager, Nurse Lou says you can see her cheeks appear more defined. Even if you peel back the layers of makeup, she says, Kylie still has plump cheeks and those razor-sharp cheekbones that we all strive for. Nurse Lou adds, “This definition can be achieved with dermal fillers. Filler can smooth and define certain areas of the face which, when done correctly, can alter your overall dimension and provide a contouring effect.”

The power of the facial

It goes without saying that Kylie probably has a facialist on speed dial, according to Nurse Lou. Despite our modern in-depth knowledge of the advantages of photoshop, there’s rarely a single blemish in sight, and her skin is always glowing. While not all of us can fit a weekly facial into our busy schedules, we can certainly get a soothing facial every once in a while to keep our skin in tip-top condition. 
For flawless makeup application, Lou recommends choosing a facial that will have a smoothing effect. “From deep cleaning and exfoliating, to introducing skin-loving active ingredients such as glycolic and salicylic acid, there are many facials that visibly tighten, brighten and rejuvenate the skin,” says Lou. She advises to ask your practitioner to recommend a facial that can remove blackheads, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulate collagen production, to leave your skin glowing.

A confidence boost

In the past, Kylie has denied going under the knife, and openly admitted to having fillers to help with her ‘insecurities’. If this is true, she is walking proof that holistic and non-invasive procedures really can make a world of difference, not only to our appearance but also to our confidence. 
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