Turn Back the Clock on Eye Ageing

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Eye Ageing

Ageing around the eye has become an increasingly common concern for both men and women. The rise in face-mask use has meant the eyes have become more prominent, motivating even more people to look into rejuvenating the area surrounding them. But with so many different treatments available, it can be difficult to find the right one.

Radiofrequency is becoming an increasingly popular treatment to contour and shape the abdomen, buttocks, arms and thighs. More recently, technology has been developed to treat the common ageing concerns around the eye – and it’s a solution that could be just what you’re looking for!

What is radiofrequency?

Radiofrequency (RF) is a non-invasive treatment which uses a fluctuating current of electricity to create heat, which gets delivered at specific temperatures to the tissues in your body. This controlled heat helps to stimulate your body to produce new collagen1 and elastin. Collagen is a natural protein in your body which gives it firmness, however once we enter our late 20s and early 30s, our collagen production starts to decline every year. That’s why treatments like radiofrequency which promote collagen production can have such great results for firmer, tighter looking skin!

Clinic treatments

While radiofrequency is used in many devices for body contouring and shaping, according to cosmetic surgeon Dr Angelica Kavouni, there are less options for treating the face, neck and eyelids. Dr Kavouni uses the Thermage FLX® system in her London clinic, a RF device that treats not only the face, neck and body but also the eyelids and which is the only non-invasive RF device sold in the UK that is FDA cleared in the US for the treatment of the eye area. Each session only takes between 30-90 minutes, and results can be seen after one session!

Who is suitable for the treatment?

Dr Kavouni notes that a wide range of patients who have concerns with signs of ageing around the eye can benefit from this treatment. She says, “It can be applied to any skin colour and people aged 40 or above will gain the most from the procedure. Thermage FLX is particularly suitable for those with early signs of hooded eyelids (when there is a small flap of excess skin under each eyebrow) and may help those who are not yet ready for a blepharoplasty (a type of surgery that repairs droopy eyelids) or are unsuitable for an operation. It can also be useful as a touch-up treatment a few years after blepharoplasty when the skin begins to sag again.” She continues, “Thermage FLX cannot be performed on patients who have an electronic implantable device such as a pacemaker or cardioverter/defibrillator, and it is not suitable for women who are pregnant or nursing.”

What should you expect during a treatment?

After a thorough consultation, your practitioner will cleanse your face and then attach a Thermage Return Pad to your back in order to neutralise the electrical current. Dr Kavouni explains, “The practitioner will insert eye shields prior to treatment to protect your eyes from the heat, apply a skin-marking paper grid, which they use as a map to target specific areas, and apply some gel onto the eye area. Using the handpiece device, we will place the applicator on the area being treated and you will feel a succession of warm bursts onto the skin. Patients may experience slight discomfort and sensitivity, but the treatment is much more comfortable than the previous versions.”

Dr Kavouni states that Thermage FLX is generally considered to have minimal complications when performed by a qualified professional, but you might experience minor side effects. She comments, “After the treatment you may feel some minor redness, swelling or sensitivity, but you can continue with your usual activities immediately after.”

eye ageing

What are the results like?

According to Dr Kavouni, patients may notice the eye area looks more fresh and awake immediately afterwards, while over the course of months there will be further gradual improvement. She comments, “Studies have shown a high patient satisfaction of 94% after the treatment and in my experience results last approximately one to two years.” Patients can expect to pay approximately £1,600 for one treatment. To find your nearest clinic that offers Thermage FLX, head to www.thermage.co.uk

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